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I build these great do it yourself windmill kits here in the USA. They are very simple to put together - you can be generating wind power in an hour!

These small wind turbines are perfect for someone who wants to experiment with wind energy or for a small cabin system. Comes complete and starts charging at wind speeds of about 15 mph. Blocking diode is installed and no charge controller is required. Designed for medium wind speed areas.

**We cannot accept returns for turbines damaged by high wind speeds**

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Home Wind Energy * $50
* Medium To High Speed
* Comes Complete
* 10" Long
* Weighs About 12 Ounces
* 2 Blades
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RV Wind Turbine
Home Wind Turbine

* $100
* Starts Charging @ 15 MPH
* Comes Complete
* 20" Long
* Weighs About 2.5 Pounds
* 5 Blades
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Cabin Wind Turbine
RV Windmill * $250
* Medium To High Speed
* Comes Complete
* 22" Long
* Weighs About 5 Pounds
* 8 Blades
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Cyber 250 Wind Turbine


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